Ashland Home Net announces really, really fast internet speeds

Ashland Home Net today announces a simplification of tiers of service as well as a massive upgrade in speeds.

Effective January 4, 2016, Customers will be given a simplified menu of speed options for new Internet service.

Ashland Home Net resells AFN’s new high speed offerings playfully rebranded as Fast, Real Fast and Ludicrous Speed.

MAX Home (Fast) features up to 30Mbps download speeds and is ideal for general residential online use.

MAX Streaming (Real Fast) provides up to 60Mbps download speeds and was created for extensive video streaming.

MAX Small Business (Ludicrous Speed) provides up to 90Mbps download speeds and is the smart business solution for critical small business activity.

“It’s incredible if you think about it like this.”, Says Jim Teece, President and CEO of Ashland Home Net, “The highest speed we offered last year is now our lowest speed.”

“The City of Ashland’s amazing AFN team has been hard at work the last two years performing significant upgrades to the system. These upgrades now enable us to offer speeds to compete directly against Charter, provide a strong foundation for the future as more and more of us are streaming high resolution video content over the internet and enable use of the cloud computing infrastructure for all our file storage.”, added Jim.

“Ashland residents want to do business with a local company, but they have been only able to get High Speed Broadband Internet from Charter until today”, says Dena Matthews, Co-Owner of Ashland Home Net, “We are now able to offer faster speeds and greater value and we can help people do what they want to do and do business with a small local company”

Existing Customers will not be affected unless they wish to upgrade. They will be able to remain at the speed and rates they are at with no increase in cost at least until 2017. Ashland Home Net is the largest Internet Service Provider in Ashland and only resells service on the city’s own Ashland Fiber Network, making them a “PurePlay” partner to the city.

Ashland Home Net also offers Cable TV, Streaming TV and Internet Phone Service as well as computer repairs.

“We expect 2016 to be a great year for us because of these new speeds”, Says Dena, who runs Ashland Home Net operations day to day, “Over half of Ashland is on Charter Internet and now they can easily migrate to us for faster speeds, local support and customer care. We have been ramping up our team and we are ready to welcome them all to the Ashland Home Net family”

“We are also aware of a need for a low cost, low speed offering and we are working with the city to develop a package that would be offered to people needing financial assistance. No one should be left off the internet.”, says Jim Teece, “We are hoping to finalize that and announce it in a couple of weeks.”

For more information please see - AshlandHome.Net/306090 or call Ashland Home Net at 541-488-9207 - Jim Teece can be followed on Facebook at

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