Blackout Notice - NBA on TNT - Golden State - March 29, 2018



MARCH 29, 2017




TNT will be broadcasting the NBA Milwaukee Bucks @ Golden State Warriors game on March 29, 2017. We are obligated to inform you that this game must be blacked out in its entirety across all platforms (including, without limitation, cable and the Internet/TV Everywhere) within the Golden State regional sports market only, regardless of whether or not the Game is sold out.


Turner has identified that your system(s) is servicing subscribers in a county that has zip codes that are in the Golden State RSN Market and are required to be blacked out. Turner will be blacking out your system(s) unless you contact us and confirm that your system(s) does not service any of the zip codes referenced on the Golden State Warriors RSN Tab on the “2017-2018 NBA Blackout Zip Code by RSN and OTA” spreadsheet located at


For those systems impacted by a blackout, Turner will retune TNT SD and HD to a blackout slate for the duration of the game with the following language.


The game currently being telecast is not available due to contractual League requirements. Please check your local listings to find out where the game is available in your area.


If you have any technical questions regarding the Golden State blackout requirement, please feel free to call Distribution Technology at (404) 827-2458 or via email at


The NBA on TNT 2017-2018 schedule including blackout information and zip codes is posted on and will be updated as needed throughout the season, so please sign up for the alert notifications.


Thank you very much for your support of TNT.

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