How and Why We Dropped the Root Sports Channel

On January 2018, we dropped Root Sports Channel due to a sizable rate increase by the network that would have required Ashland Home Net to raise our TV rates an additional $5 per month per subscriber. 

Having just raised rates to our TV subscribers April 1, 2017 we thought this would drive more customers away than retaining Root Sports.

We tried to negotiate more favorable rates with Root Sports so we could retain the channel but those negotiations failed. In September 2017 we conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey via a link on our website and an email sent to all our customers with the link to that survey.

The survey specifically asked the question about the possibility of dropping Root Sports.

“If we lost the ROOT Sports Channel, how upset would you be?” Over 66% of those surveyed answered: “I do not watch Root Sports” and “Not upset at all”.

After collecting the results, the majority of customers that responded answered that they either don’t watch sports or didn't care if ROOT Sports was dropped.

Of the respondents only 5 percent watched soccer where 40 percent watched football and baseball and about 20 percent specified tennis.

For this reason we added Major League Baseball, The NFL and The Tennis channels to our lineup to replace Root Sports Channel.

We also added the Olympics channel during the Winter Olympics for 24 hour coverage of the games.

In December 2017, Ashland Home Net emailed and mailed out notices to all of our customers about dropping ROOT Sports.

We apologize if you did not get this notice.

Posted By: Dena Matthews


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