Mac Mail Issues

Mac Mail Issues

A recent Apple update released 11.06.2018 is modifying existing Mac Mail account settings by removing the domain from the username resulting in a failure to authenticate with Ashland Home Net mail services due to an incorrect username. This issue affects any email account for Mac Mail users that are on a recent version of MacOS X with automatic updates or who have manually installed the most recent update released 11.06.2018. Any email clients other than Mac Mail on MacOS X should be entirely unaffected.
To resolve this issue simply append the @ and the appropriate domain to the username for both the Incoming and Outgoing settings in Mac Mail (your username should be your FULL email address, i.e. "" or "", for example, not just "myname"). A Step-by-Step Guide for fixing this can be found at Additional guides for configuring Mac Mail can be found at
If updating your username to your full email address does not resolve your issue please contact us for Technical Support at 541.488.9207.

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