Notice of Cable TV Rate Increase 2021

Beginning April 1, 2021, our new monthly TV rates will be in effect as follows: 

Community Lifeline TV - $39.99 

Expanded Basic - $83.99 

Bonus Channels - $9.99 can be added to Community or Expanded Basic

Cinemax and Starz - $15.50 

HBOMax - $18.00

(plus fees and taxes on all packages)


All for One  - $49.98 (grandfathered level no longer offered)

Expanded Plus - $93.98 (grandfathered level no longer offered)


Our last rate increase was March 1, 2020. Each year TV Networks raise prices to cable providers such as ourselves. We do our best to negotiate favorable rates. As we are currently offering TV with no margin for internet customers convenience, we have to pass the increases on every year.

We know that every rate increase is a time when you re-evaluate the value of cable TV. We get it. We reassess programming every year. We have recently added Newsmax on channel 58; we have had to encrypt ESP per our contract which means you have to have a box to receive these channels.  To accommodate these changes we have moved a few channels. For a new channel line up please visit to view the new line up.

We have spent the past couple of years cord-cutting in our own home.  

We have currently been using Google’s Youtube TV streaming service and it works pretty well. On top of your Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services you may subscribe to, you can pay for YouTube TV for local and cable tv channels - It is currently $64.99 and you buy it directly from them. (

It is more expensive if you want to be able to watch everything you have access to on the cable system; you have to manage multiple subscriptions that raise rates randomly; it is not easy remembering how each cumbersome interface works and what each one’s password is, and in the end we still do not always get to watch what we want.  This isn’t as seamless as it should be and we have tried everything from AppleTV+, Disney+, Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Sling, and the now YouTube TV. 

The future of TV is all about content streaming and the fact that TV networks continue to raise rates 20% or more year after year to small cable providers is an indication that they are doing what they can to force us all in this direction. If you want help navigating the world of streaming please contact our office. 

Streaming can happen on your phones, computers and your TV if you have a streaming box like Apple TV. Please note you may want to upgrade your internet speed if you are streaming on multiple devices simultaneously.

We are focused on providing the fastest and most reliable Internet Service in Ashland. This gives you the best streaming experience. 

Thank you for your continued  support for your only local Internet, TV, VOIP and now Managed Home service provider. Please visit AshlandHome.Net to learn more about our new Managed WiFi Service for your home. 


Jim Teece & Dena Matthews

29+ year Ashland Residents and Owners of Ashland Home Net