Do NOT Click on links in suspicious emails

June 28, 2024

A couple of customers are reporting receiving an email from us that look suspicious.

These are spam. You are not hacked. We are not hacked.

How can you spot bad email?

There are signs.

1. The email is not from us. Look at the from address.

2. The email has a link that says “click here” – hover over that link without clicking and you will see that it goes to an address that is not ours. In the example sent to me it came from a .ru domain. That is Russia.

3. If you click on the link – DO NOT – but if you do it will ask you for username and password and SSN. STOP. We would never EVER ask you for SSN. If you gave this info quickly change your password.

We will work on finding resources online – there are many – that you can read and learn about how to be more aware. Basically learn what to look for and don’t trust anything. People’s Bank has a nice piece on this issue because bank customers are also getting this exact same kind of email.


4. If you receive an email from us and it doesn’t seem right, look on our homepage. We will always announce on the web more information to back up any email.