Notice of TV Rate Increase

Beginning April 1, 2018 our new monthly TV rates will be in effect as follows: 

All for One - $39.99 plus fees and taxes

Community Lifeline TV - $32.99 plus fees and taxes

Expanded Basic - $72.99 plus fees and taxes

Expanded Plus - $79.99 plus fees and taxes

HBO - $18.00 and Cinemax, Showtime and Starz - $15.50 plus fees and taxes


Our last rate increase was August 1, 2015 and the one prior to that was in April 2014 and January 2012 before that. We do not require multi-year contracts to get reduced rates. 

Each year TV Networks raise prices to cable providers and we are forced to pass them along.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Local Channels raised rates the most this cycle. (Please note - We do not charge you for a separate fee for local channels like Charter/Spectrum does) 
  2. In the last 18 months we have made adjustments to the channel lineup and added Channels without increasing your rates based on your requests: Smithsonian, Boomerang, Inspiration, IndiePlex, NFL, Big10, MLB, and the Olympics
  3. We now have 55 HD channels and are upgrading our equipment to be able to add more.
  4. We now have over 73 channels on our TVEverywhere streaming service. (Please note - Some Local Channels do not support streaming yet).

We know that every rate increase is a time when you re-evaluate the value of cable TV. We get it. We do the same thing in our home. 

If you are interested in cutting the cord and want to know how, you can follow along on our blog soon. Cutting the cord isn’t as seamless as it should be and we will try everything from Apple TV, Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon Prime and let you know about our experiences.

As always, we appreciate your commitment to doing business with a locally-owned cable TV company. 

We also offer amazing high internet speeds that rival that of Charter/Spectrum and we do more locally for the non-profits that are important to all of us, such as The Ashland Independent Film Festival, ScienceWorks, The Ashland Chamber of Commerce and many, many more. 

Recently we heard from a customer that told us that she likes doing business with us because we are “Locally Owned and Locally Loved”. We Love that and strive to continue to be that company.

Jim & Dena
Ashland Home Net

Posted By: Jim Teece and Dena Matthews


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