About the New Website Redesign

Greetings and welcome to the totally redesigned and rebuilt website for Ashland Home Net. We have been hard at work on this redesign for quite some time and we are proud of it.

If you use Ashland Home Net every day to check your email, you are probably a little lost.

We wanted to show you some of the features and reasons behind our redesign.

The first thing you will notice is that the new site is designed to be “Mobile First”. With over 57% of web traffic now accessing sites on a mobile phone we wanted to make this site responsive to all mobile users needs first as we see this number continue to grow.

The second was simplifying for returning users. Ashland Home Net has a huge amount of daily visitors from returning users. Many of you come to check your email, read the news or check on system status updates.

To check your email, you will see the bright button at the top of the screen simply labeled “Check Your Email” - if you tap on that, you will get a list of addresses we host for the community. Tap again on that and away you go to the interface you are used to using for now.

[New feature added 1/26/2016] To check the weather and read local and national news, simply click on the news button . If you want to start your day on news, simply copy the url after you click the news button and ask your browser to set that as your homepage. 

We also have a quick system status button that looks like this: It will change colors to yellow and red depending on the severity of the network outage. A green icon means all systems are running as expected. A yellow means icon indicates that one thing is wrong and we are working on it. A red icon means that many things are wrong and we are working on it.

If you tap on that it will take you to the section of the home page that lets you check and see at a glance if we are currently experiencing any issues with our service. This might save you call or give you a status update on something we are working on.

Wander around the site and let us know what you think.

Now that we have this foundation done, expect new tools on the website in the near future that will enable you to sign up for services and pay your bills online directly from the site. Those tools will show up as icon buttons at the top of your screen. Each time we introduce one, we will let you know what it does and how it works.

The team at Project A did a wonderful job designing and developing this responsive, mobile first site for us and I highly recommend you reach out to them if you have a need for a new website redesign as well. ;)

We compete against a multi billion dollar corporation everyday for your business and we work hard to keep you as a customer by providing the fastest internet speeds in Ashland, fantastic customer support, and tools and technologies to make doing business with us easier.

We will be making continuous improvements to our site. Some changes will be small and some will be significant. Watch our news feed for updates. For example, a customer portal will be coming soon. This portal will be a great place for existing customers to start thier day. It will expand on our news section and let you have a page that is your startpage. 

Thank you for your continuing to support a locally owned and operated company.

Looking forward,
Jim Teece & Dena Matthews
Owners of Ashland Home Net


Posted By: Jim Teece


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