(Update: Service Restored) Some customers experiencing difficulties with CNN, Fox News, HGTV and Food Network

September 18, 2019


Update: 9/18/2019 Service Restored. Thank you for your patience.

Some customers are currently experiencing problems with 4 TV channels (CNN, Fox News, HGTV and Food Network).

Not all customers are affected but if you are, we apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience and understanding as well as your continued support. We are working with our technology partners to solve this issue ASAP and will post again when it is resolved. You can watch these channels online via our TVEverywhere service at http://everywhere.ashlandhome.net/

55 – Food Network
56 – HGTV
59 – CNN
61 – Fox News

Digital Tuner
67.2 – CNN
67.3 – Fox News
67.4 – HGTV
67.37 – Food Network